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Use your bio to show off your individuality

Use your bio to show off your individuality

Now, on to the actual profile building hay sitios de citas asiáticos reales. One of the most important tips for writing a bio, Dineen says, is trying to think outside the box, because, from her experience, a lot of bios end up looking pretty much the same. “Everybody writes that they’re loyal, kind, or funny, or all three, and it starts to just lose any meaning because everybody apparently thinks that they’re loyal, kind, and funny,” she explains. So, when helping clients come up with bios that will make them stand out from crowd, she asks them to make a list in response to the following questions: “What ways would you describe yourself?”, “What ways would friends or family describe you?”, and “What’s the quirkiest thing about you?”

Once you have that list, you can start to compile a bio that is unique to you. (Just remember to cross out the words “loyal,” “kind,” and “funny,” Dineen advises.)

Emphasize your openness to dating.

One of the main things your online dating profile should communicate-aside from aspects of your personality and who you are-is that you’re open to meeting and dating people. Taking shortcuts or being lazy when creating your profile, like leaving your bio blank or making it extra short, can send the wrong message to potential matches, making it seem like you’re not interested in pursuing a relationship.

Another profile characteristic that can send the wrong message is focusing too much on your family or kids and not enough on yourself. “Everyone asks me, ‘Should I include pictures of me with my kids?'” Dineen says. “And I usually say, ‘I think it’s fine to include one, but no more than that,’ because you want to give off the message that you are available to date.” If every photo on your profile includes your kids, especially younger kids, “that doesn’t exactly say, ‘I’m ready to date, I have free nights,'” Dineen adds.