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7 thoughts on “ Filipino-Non-native Marriages – an individual perspective ”

7 thoughts on “ Filipino-Non-native Marriages – an individual perspective ”

This is my personal a reaction to an article regarding an american just who advertised you to Philippine women are “better” than just Western Lady: I would ike to bring my direction. Feel free so you can disagree!

You will find just been erican girl and one Filipina however,, just like you, have observed a number of other matchmaking. I do not thought it’s a question of which can be “better” female. My American partner is great, as well as my personal Filipina wife.

Filipino-Foreigner Marriage ceremonies – an individual angle

If you ask me, the top distinction is that with several Western marriages there was a reliable, some time simmering, both overt, strength competition. The new American wife is decided getting an equal lover and you can has the same sound during the each choice and you can element of couple’s common lives. New Filipina, at least the standard one, obviously wishes equality and also dominance, but just in some section. She is content to allow the newest spouse manage just what the guy desires, to feel he keeps control in many areas. So it greatly smaller turf competition is the reason why relationship to help you a great Filipina such as a cure having a lot of people.

The spouse ought to provide to your friends, shouldn’t womanize or enjoy aside excess amount .